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Concert, stag party, hen party, communion, christening, birthday and many other events require special setting, therefore we prepared for you service during events…

Are you planning unforgettable hen or stag party? Are you in need of transport to extraordinary family ceremony? We perfectly know how important professionalism is during meaningful for Clients ceremonies, so we intercede with the service during events such as:

  • Hen and stag parties
  • Communions and christenings
  • Weddings and balls
  • Concerts, birthdays, anniversaries and others occasional events

During servicing every important event for our Client, we guarantee high quality service. Our drivers punctually wait for you in scheduled place and are at your command during the event.

During transfer for marriage ceremony we also offer:

  • Bride transfer to the wedding
  • Transfer to wedding reception
  • Transfer to bride and groom

We make a great effort to make our clients pleased with our service. Due to this we offer high class cars, perfectly clean and equipped in all necessary amenities placed specially for your comport.

Choosing VIP Limousines clients do not have to worry about safety, punctuality, organization as well as a high level of luxury and comfort during every trip. We cordially invite!

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